Every little thing is gonna be all right! I am here to spread a little light, love, and confidence during this time. I say confidence because I think a lot of us are feeling uneasy. For me, as it might for you, my confidence comes in waves. One moment I feel filled up with gratitude for everything I have, and the next, I feel like the rug was pulled out from under me. It is hard to comprehend the magnitude of what is happening around us, and everyone/everything is affected.

I think everything escalated so quickly (for us) we were put in a mode of coping. We had to deal with our everyday lives changing rapidly. We might have had to cope with loss. Loss in every sense of the word from vacations, to jobs, to family/friend time, to celebrations/events, to possibly loved ones getting sick, etc. We were/are in a mode of survival. We are trying to navigate an unknown that none of us prepared for. We were put so quickly in the method of coping and trying to figure out this new “normal” that we haven’t had a chance to mourn the loss of so many things we didn’t think we were going to lose. That could be anything as small as a first date to the heartbreaking loss of a loved one. I believe this is one of the many reasons why we feel such a mix of emotions. Why we have high times of peace and high times of fear, it is okay to handle everything you are feeling. It okay to feel happy, awe, anger, hope, gratitude, sadness, anxiety, joy, and so on. Let yourself process it all!

I have been dealing with many emotions myself. To me, sometimes, it feels silly to feel all of these uncertain emotions because I have so many blessings in my life. But, it is okay to feel them because this is a situation I don’t think any of us expected was going to happen. My anxiety has been very high at night lately before bed. I usually know where the anxiety is stemming from, but honestly, it just seems like the fear is coming from the unknown. Everyone is dealing with this is a different way. My main message to you is that everything will eventually be all right! I know this because you are strong. I know this because we have all gotten through all of our worst days so far. You are going to be all right because you are going to make it all right, just like how you have been trying to be strong each day. You have been trying to cope with your losses and trying to figure out solutions to get yourself, your friends, and your family what they need. It is a pretty beautiful thing that we are trying to lift each other up during this time right now through text messages, phone calls, Facetimes, Zooms, Google hangouts, letters, games, crafts, etc., and if you feel like no one has been there for you – well I am here for you! We will get through this, just like we get through everything else. We have already shown so much strength! <3 Take it one moment at a time.

Also, for those struggling with anxiety and stress some things that have helped me lately are: Facetiming, my family/besties, praying, writing down everything what I am thankful for, doing home workouts, listening to sleepy playlists while I am trying to fall asleep, meditation, reading self – help books or the bible, setting a weekly schedule, and trying to cook or make new fun drinks! Just some ideas for you! PSA: Also, I have been struggling with comparing myself to others, and if I should be more productive. I think this is a great time to listen to your body. Catch up on sleep, watch some movies, relax, etc. it’s okay to be unproductive! But, it’s also okay to be super productive! Just don’t let comparison be another added stress factor. “Today, think about all that you are instead of all that you are not.”


Wishing you all health, hope and (air) hugs! XO 

“And when the storm was over, everyone danced, new flowers bloomed and we all were gifted with new beginnings.” 

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