Arms and Abs

Arms and Abs

I hope everyone is having a great Sunday funday! Let’s start this week off right with some healthy intentions! I challenge you to give this workout a try sometime this week.

Four 7 minute rounds. Each round has 3 different exercises. Do each exercise 10 times over and over until 7 minutes is up.

Round 1
   10 dumbbell squats 
   10 V ups
   10 bicep curls

1 minute plank

Round 2
   10 jacks
   10 tricep kickbacks
   10 squat jumps

1 minute plank with alternating knee to elbow

Round 3 
   10 burpees 
   10 deadlifts
   10 dumbbell shoulder front raises

1 minute plank with alternating leg raises.

Round 4
    10 push-ups 
    10 dumbbell reverse lunges
    10 bent over rows

1 minute plank with alternating step outs

30 seconds each with 1 dumbbell, 2 rounds.

Sit ups
Russian twists

“Don’t wait until you reached your goal to be proud of yourself. Be proud of yourself every step you take toward reaching that goal.” XO

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