August Goals!

August Goals!

Can you believe it’s August?! I can’t! I feel like this has the been the quickest summer and time is just flying by. Also, it feels like we just set our July goals! How did yours go? Make sure you take time to reflect on them and evaluate what you want to direct your energy towards for August. Remember it’s always okay to have a continuous goal that rolls over from month to month just be aware of it and make sure each month you are making progress and not being stagnant.

 This month I would like to do something additional to setting 3 goals. I am going to set 3 words to live by this month. These three words could be anything you want to achieve or focus on or remember to do etc. My three words are:

1.       Change

2.       Optimism 

3.       Decide 

Change is just to be open to any changes coming my way this month. I’ve always struggled with change so this is just a reminder that I can’t control everything and I should be open to what may be coming my way. It is also a reminder to not be afraid of change, even though it might be difficult. 

Optimism to just try to keep a positive outlook on life and know in my mind and heart that everything that is meant to be will be.

Decide – this word goes a long with one of my goals, which is to become better at making decisions big or small.

I challenge anyone to do this with me!

Now, for my three goals this month:

  1. Become more decisive. I have a terrible time deciding very simple things. It might be because of my anxiety, but ask any of my friends I literally can’t make a decision to save my life. I have the toughest time, its like I have a mental block. Something in my brain won’t let me! It gets even worse when other people are involved in the decision. But, oddly it’s the really simple decisions I struggle with the most. I constantly struggle picking where to eat and it takes all the fun out of it. It gets so bad I start to get angry with myself lol! So, I always say I’m going to work on it but this month I actually am going to to take steps to improve. 

2. Fitness/health. Health and wellness is a lifelong goal – to feel my best and make good decisions for my mental, physical and spiritual health. But, in early September, I am in my cousins wedding as a bridesmaid (I’m so excited!) but I want to feel comfortable and confident! So, this month I’m putting a great emphasis on continuing my lifestyle change of balance, eating clean and self-care. 

3. Living in the moment. My issue with this I think is heavily correlated with overthinking. I constantly think about the future and the “what ifs.” This month I am going to focus on taking things day by day – even hour by hour and just enjoying life. Being more in tune with myself and what makes me happy and also figuring out what doesn’t. 

I am excited to take on my goals this month! What are yours? XO 

“Where focus goes energy flows”

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