Enjoy the beautiful weather with an outdoor group fitness class! Fitness is an essential aspect of physical and mental health. Have you been utilizing it? Perhaps you have found it hard to motivate yourself throughout quarantine (with your gym or favorite workout facility being closed) or you are just tired of working out in your living room. If you want to get back to a healthy mind and body, group fitness classes are a perfect way to do so. Sunshine and a breath of fresh air are coming your way. 

Exercise, in general, brings several benefits, including relieving stress, improving heart health, strengthening your muscles, enhancing endorphins, and so on. Outdoor exercise provides a health boost beyond the benefits of indoor training. Exercising outdoors provides the chance to connect with Mother Nature, and the exposure to sunlight enhances vitamin D production. Along with the many other benefits Vitamin D provides (anti-aging, improves the immune system, etc.), it is an excellent mood enhancer as sunshine naturally lifts serotonin levels. Serotonin, combined with the endorphins your body receives from exercising, is a powerful duo that will have you feeling your best yet!

Additionally, one of the most prominent but overlooked benefits of exercise is its positive impact on the immune system. Especially during this time, we should all be taking extra steps to keep our health in tip-top shape. This is one of the key reasons why people who work out regularly tend to get sick less often. When you engage in physical activity for an extended period of time (i.e., 30 minutes or longer), it can kickstart your immune system for a few hours after each workout. Physical activity helps flush harmful bacteria out of your lungs and airways. Exercise causes a change in your white blood cells, where they circulate more rapidly. White blood cells are your immune system cells that fight disease.  If you have let your healthy habits fall to the wayside for a little too long, group fitness classes are key to kickstarting your return to fitness in a fun and energetic way.

Here are the top reasons you should try a group fitness class and why you will love it! 

Get excited! 

Boost Your Commitment to Your Health 

Some days it can be tough to motivate yourself to get out of bed in the morning. Not to mention getting up early to work out or trying to find the time at the end of a long day. One of the many benefits of a group fitness class is it adds accountability to your workout routine.  A group setting automatically increases your likelihood of attending the class because you are not just flaking on yourself, but also on your instructor. Further, once you commit to attending a class or classes, you have made it easier to keep yourself on track towards your goals. Another benefit is you are likely to work out harder in a group fitness class than on your own because the instructor is pushing your limits, explaining the benefits of each exercise, and motivating you to complete each set to the best of your ability. It is empowering to work out beside others working towards the same goals. This empowerment helps you to dig deeper and push harder. Workout classes provide a variety of exercises, which is key to keeping your routine exciting and sustainable! Keep yourself accountable by scheduling a class as a personal meeting on your calendar each week. You wouldn’t skip a meeting with your boss, so don’t skip a meeting to better yourself. The options offered in a class setting can prevent boredom and prevent you from falling into a workout slump ever again! 

More Bang for Your Buck 

Group fitness classes allow you the opportunity to learn new exercise routines utilizing the knowledge of a trained professional. You have the opportunity to receive a full workout, multiple times a week, by an educated professional for a fraction of the price compared to personal training.  A group fitness class adds a little extra oomph to your regular workout routine. Group fitness classes are structured, so they allow you to simultaneously work towards your goals while becoming an all-around better athlete. Structured workouts are beneficial because you will make the most of your training time. We are all busy, so make your time count. Classes are tailored to be beneficial no matter your level of fitness because the instructor will monitor your form (this will help decrease potential injuries), target specific body parts, show modified forms of each exercise, and tell you how long to do each task for the best results. The classes provide you with careful attention from the instructor to push you towards your fitness goals. I mean, what more could you ask for? A well-structured plan, a fun group environment, and a certified trainer will go a long way towards achieving your fitness goals. 

Join the Community 

Working out in a group provides you with the opportunity to be a part of something bigger than yourself, a community. The camaraderie developed in a group fitness class is undeniable! It is the chance to connect, be inspired by others, and feel accepted. Group fitness not only improves athleticism but also supports mental health in many ways.  Physical activity is known to reduce overall stress and anxiety. For example, a topic not talked about enough is how many people experience anxiety when working out. They may feel self-conscious or are worried to ask questions about a specific exercise or proper form. Group fitness ensures the opportunity is there to get answers from your instructor or classmates. It allows an inclusive experience for people to come together without judgment or expectation. We all strive for purpose and a sense of belonging, both of which can be found within the Allegro community!  Your journey to fitness, the struggles and successes are shared. The instructor is there to provide purpose-driven workouts to inspire confidence and build on your existing skills. If you are worried about coming to a group fitness class, don’t let your fears outweigh the fantastic benefits of a new support system. Fitness has far more benefits than just improving your physical health. 

 Unbeatable Energy 

Think of your group fitness class as a healthy, happy hour! Usually, we go to a happy hour to catch up with friends, reset and have fun! Happy hour with others is much more enjoyable than dining alone. Personally, I love group fitness classes because they offer an unbeatable level of energy that is nearly impossible to replicate on your own. The liveliness and sense of community provided by the instructor, participants, and music will leave you feeling uplifted long after you crush your workout. 

An outdoor workout class or even just taking your personal workout outside is a great way to wrap up the last few weeks of summer!  

P.s. Don’t forget your sunscreen and water bottle!

p.p.s. Are you ready for fall? I am not! I wish summer would last longer!

“Everything is fine when there is sunshine.” XO

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  1. I really liked your message in today’s blog. I need to work on not missing a meeting with myself to improve my overall mental and physical health!

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