I am so excited to have Catheriya as my first guest blog feature! I want to make Jessie Girl an uplifting community where you can find other inspiring wellness accounts to live your healthiest and happiest life!

“We should be lifting each other up, cheering each other on. Not trying to outshine or one up each other. The sky would be awfully dark with only one star.” XO

Enjoy reading and getting to know a little more about Catheriya!

Hello! My Name is Catheriya (pronounced as Cath-er-ri-ya).

My Goal is to live to 150 years of age (now turning 30 haha). 
Sharing my journey to optimize my BEST self through Health & Wellness as I choose to reinvent the year 2020 I encourage my peers to do the same. 

Started sharing my practical lifestyle routine after being stood down from work due to the Pandemic of 2020. Being a positive influence to society and to my peers have always meant so much to me. Not going to work five days a week did leave me purposeless.

Personally I pride my self as being passionate, positive minded and patient.

Instead of dwelling in self pity which reflect on my old self habits I thought this was a great opportunity to make a life out of negative circumstances. My YouTube videos are deep dives into topics that are worth unpacking and demystifying vague health and wellness ideas – search Catheriya Trinh. 

Secondly, this brings me to my new Instagram page where people can follow my open dialogue and connect with me @catheriya.t

Mission : PRACTICAL WELLNESS for the every day that is doable and achievable.

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