Happy December! December has always been my favorite month of the year. I love the joy, memories, love, and new beginnings it brings. This year I feel like everyone is more excited than ever to get to the new year. If you are a new Jessie Girl (hi!), I started these monthly goal-setting posts when I felt like months were flying by and I wasn’t working towards anything. I was feeling discouraged and unmotivated. I decided each month I was going to set monthly intentions and goals to work towards. I am bringing this up because I think during December, everyone starts thinking about what their new year resolutions will be for 2021. We all the stereotype of new resolutions – that they don’t last beyond February. Trust me, I feel that, which is why I am bringing up monthly goal setting. The goals/intentions work as mini monthly resolutions to work on each month. If you’ve never done it before – I suggest giving it a try! Personally, it has helped me so much. I hope you are feeling stuck or want to try something new it helps you too! 🙂 

I know you’ve probably heard this 100x, but writing your goals out is key. So, my only rule for monthly goal setting is to write them down. Plus, it could be a great excuse to get a new notebook or planner (if that kind of stuff excites you..because it excites me, lol!). 

Let’s dive in, shall we?!

I usually write my intentions first. My intentions are three words I choose to live by this month. 

Write your three words down and put them somewhere; you see them every day. This is an excellent reminder for you and keeps them at the forefront of your mind throughout the month. It is great to have a mindful reminder. These three words can be anything you want to achieve, work on, remember to do, etc.

My three words this month are:

Intentional: Intentional with my time, my words, my energy, etc. 

Reflect: I tend to get really in my head. This causes doubt and anxiety. I want to take time this month to reflect on the year and take a minute to think about how I grew. 

Move: I picked this word for two different reasons, ha-ha! 1. I have been so bad at working out lately. I’ve lost all my motivation to move. I need to ease my way back into working out because it is required. 2. Move forward. I noticed I continuously talk about my dreams but honestly don’t do anything to move myself forward. So, this will be a reminder to move my butt! 

My three goals this month are: 

  1. Create a vision board. This has been something I have wanted to do for a while. I thought this would be a one-day thing.. but it turns out you need to buy a lot of magazines, ha-ha! But, I started working on this goal yesterday, so that’s exciting! 
  2. Yoga – this goal kinda goes along with my “move” intention. I was doing five-minute yoga every morning for about a month and then stopped. I do miss it and think it is useful for stress management. I recommend Yoga with Adrienne – she has a channel on Youtube. 
  3. Be fully committed to Jessie girl. I always get excited about the blog and then get caught up in other things. I love to write and share. I’m not trying to be something I’m not. I started researching and writing about everything I share because they are things I struggled with or are currently struggling with. The goal of the blog is to make people feel less alone navigating life and just be a happy place. I always get terrified to share on Jessie Girl because it feels very vulnerable to me, but I’m just going to go for it. I started Jessie Girl over a year ago but never have felt fully committed to it because of my own personal doubt. Here goes nothing! 🙂

What are your intentions and goals this month? I’d love to hear them! xo 

“There is nothing you cannot be, do or have.” 

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