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Don’t Worry, Be Happy!

Don’t worry. Be happy! Let’s talk about worrying. When I am worried about something I tend to overthink, like really overthink. Worrying has been something I have struggled with and I think we all struggle with to some degree. Everyone worries sometimes, but some people are better at going with the flow and being calm. I am not one of those people lol! So, this has been a struggle I have been constantly working on. I think its an important topic to discuss because 1. Honestly, I have been overthinking my future a lot lately and the place I am at in my life 2. Worrying is exhausting. I like the quote “a day of worry is more exhausting than a day of work.” I think it’s so true. Worrying drains your mood and distracts you from the present moment. Worry depletes all your positive energy, until you forget how blessed you are. This happens to me. I start falling down the swirly hole of doom into pessimistic land! So, I want to share some tips that help to be out of that funk and can maybe be helpful to you all as well.

  1. Recognize your worrying is not helping you. It is taking away today’s peace. Then, try to bring your focus back to the present.
  2. A lot of things I read stay to mediate, but that just doesn’t work for me. I try to do something that exerts energy or distracts my brain. Going for a walk, working out, going to Target lol. This may sound really weird, but I love walking around grocery stores. Just walking up and down the isles – something about it makes me feel so much more calm!
  3. Put things into perspective. Make the distinction between if it a real problem or just a scenario you are making up in your head. Will it matter in two weeks? A month?
  4. Limit your time on social media. It’s cliche, but it helps. Social media amplifies worry, stress, anxiety, jealousy, comparison, etc. Read a magazine, listen to music, or go for a drive instead.  
  5. Remind yourself of everything going right in your life. It’s so easy just to think of everything going wrong, but take a minute and compile a list of all the good things.
  6. Vent. Sometimes you just need to let it all out. Talk to someone! That’s what friends are for! Even writing it out helps me, when I don’t feel like being around anybody.

These are the most common things I do! It is still a work in progress. Teaching yourself to worry less is really hard and it honestly just takes time. Be patient with yourself! XO

“Most of the stuff people worry about never happens.”

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  1. Maddy Lepore

    Going to Target is DEFINITELY my favorite distraction!! Loving these posts girly 🙂

  2. Maddy Lepore

    Target is DEFINITELY my favorite distraction!!

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