Embrace Change

Embrace Change

Embracing change. Everything around us in life is constantly changing. It seems to me as soon as something becomes comfortable or we feel at peace a piece of the puzzle shifts and we are thrown for a loop. Change is scary, intimidating and difficult. It forces each of us out of our comforting pattern in return possibly causing some nervousness but most importantly causing us to grow.

I struggle with change. I always tend to jump to the worst case scenario. I feel like I’m at a pivotal point in my life where change and growth is inevitable. I recently graduated and have begun to start a life independently on my own. I have a new apartment, full-time job and live away from my family. Most of my close friends are out conquering the world in different places than me as well. Everyone is starting their own life and path. This is all exciting and scary but also oddly freeing. I feel as if I am figuring out myself – what I truly want and what actually matters most to me. I can feel myself getting stronger. That being said I have had this underlying feeling of anxiousness that I can feel and can’t quite put my finger on where it is coming from. I wake up with butterflies and feel it throughout the day. One of my goals (I put in my recent August post) is to embrace change. I just wanted to write a post about change because I know it is difficult and not all change seems good. Change can be hard lessons, painful, heartbreak etc., but it can also be new love, possibilities, beginnings and so on.  All change makes us who we are. When change happens it usually seems like a storm, but after the storm passes we can see the stars so clearly.

I want you to think back to a time in your life when it was shifting and think about how you felt. Maybe sad, angry, nervous, possibly like everything was falling apart but it probably totally worked out right? I find this to be a common theme. I get stressed, anxious or worried about something and it always turns out okay, sometimes even better than I had hoped. Never be afraid. We often lose something good but gain something even better. I challenge you to embrace change and uncertainty. Take everything one step at a time and try not to project negative thoughts and feelings. What is coming is better than what’s gone! XO

“Embrace uncertainty. Some of the most beautiful chapters in our lives won’t have titles until much later.”

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