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Everything Matters

Everything matters. Everything frustrating, unpleasant, unexpected, irritating, etc., happens because it’s supposed to. I’m learning to accept (and believe) everything happens for a higher purpose. We might not understand it at the very moment it happens, but it is all for the betterment of your life. I am talking about all the little frustrations, as well as the big ones. Think about how frustrated you get when you forget something as you’re walking out of your house and then have to rush back inside to get it because you are already in a hurry. Maybe forgetting that item was saving you from something worse that could’ve happened to you on your commute to work if you didn’t forget that item. All I’m saying is that if you change your mindset to see that everything is happening for the greater good, the whole way you view life could change. “Someday everything will make perfect sense. So, for now, laugh at the confusion, smile through the tears, and keep reminding yourself happens for a reason.”

Every choice, roadblock, breakup, loss, mistake is shaping our lives in ways we don’t even know yet. So just remember, every time you’re irritated that you’re stuck in traffic, can’t find your other sock, missed an event because you aren’t feeling well and so on it is all for some unknown reason but that reason is a good one.

“In the end, everything matters.”

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