February Goals

February Goals

Happy February everyone! It feels like January went by so fast and so slowly at the same, kind of like a time warp! I think January was a really good month, full of growth and change. I am excited to see where the rest 2020 leads! How was January for you? I am very happy to move on to February though. I love the month of February because so many things are pink (i.e., decorations for Valentine’s Day)! I know many people have mixed feelings about Valentine’s Day, but I love it! I just think it is a fun day and I don’t take it too seriously. Just an excuse to wear pink and eat chocolate (he-he)! 

Let’s set our 3 intentions! February is a very short month so lets get to it! 

I am going to set three words to live by this month. Write your three words down and put them somewhere you see them everyday. This is a great reminder for you and keeps them at the forefront of your mind throughout the month. It is great to have a mindful reminder, especially because life is so hectic. These three words can be anything you want to achieve, work on, remember to do etc.

Possibilities: I picked this word because I am so thankful for some of the opportunities and change I received in January. I want to explore these new adventures and continue to work hard so I have more possibilities for opportunities in the future months to come. 

Worthy: I want this word to serve as a reminder that I work really hard and need to have more confidence in myself and to not compare myself to others. I am nobody else. Just me, and that is enough. 

Laugh: Just a reminder to take a step back, relax and enjoy life with those I love! 

My 3 goals this month are:

  1. To focus more on Jessie Girl. I barely posted the month of January because it was such a busy time in my life. I want to focus on creating more content and really be committed to growing the Jessie Girl community (because I love it)! 

2. Explore Grand Rapids more! I want to try new restaurants and just enjoy the city I am in during the week and not just on the weekends. It sounds silly, but I really want to just go out and do more!

3. I want to keep up my challenge of working out at least 4x a week. I really love it and just want to keep that sustainable goal. Also, I have started running more so I want to continue to get better at running and challenge myself through that! 

What are your goals and intentions this month?! 

“Be addicted to bettering yourself.” XO 

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