Feeling lost?

Does anyone else feel like before the pandemic your life was falling into place? Or, that it had finally reached a sense of peace and normalcy? Then, all of a sudden, everything flipped upside down? Well, if so, I’m here to tell you that you are not alone. 

To give you a little background on my situation, I was unexpectedly let go from my job due to revenue loss from the pandemic. I was heartbroken when I found out, spiraling into worry, panic, and fear of the unknown.

Perhaps you have experienced something recently very similar to me. Or, your situation is far different from mine, but you are feeling a little lost too. This is a reminder; it’s not your fault, there is nothing wrong with you, and you are not a failure. The whole world has been turned upside down, so it is okay to feel frustration, confusion, and sadness. The pandemic is uncharted territory for everyone. We are all trying to navigate our sea of emotions. 

I want to share with you a few tips that might make this time in your life feel a little less blurry and bring you back to focus.  

  1. Feel, but let go. Feel all of your emotions as they come, acknowledge them, but let them pass. Do not wallow in your sadness, confusion, anger, frustration, whatever it may be. Holding on to these emotions will only cause you more hurt. I learned through meditation, imagine clouds passing you by. As the clouds pass, place your worry on a cloud. Let the thought drift away with the cloud as it moves past. Breathe in. Breathe out. Let your feelings drift away. 
  2. Move. Get 30 min of movement each day. Exercise can lift your mood and clear your mind. The movement can be anything but listen to your body. Some ideas are yoga, a long walk, running, stretching, Pilates, and so on. Whatever you do, make sure it feels beneficial to you! Take advantage of all the free home workouts being posted on the web. 
  3. Take a break from social media. It is tough not to compare our lives to other people, especially when we have so much extra time on our hands. I am the first to say; I check social media regularly! I felt like it was hurting my mental health more than helping it. I recently have been taking breaks from checking it and have noticed a decrease in stress, anxiety, and overall feel more peaceful.
  4. Be curious. Research, read, explore! Find joy in the little things. Find new passions to work on , podcasts to listen to, things that excite you, etc. The world is your oyster! 🙂 
  5. Be open. Be open to any unexpected possibilities or opportunities that might come your way. Be open to good things coming into your life.

Everything will be okay.

“What is meant for you won’t pass you by.” XO

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