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I thought it was time to share a few of my favorite restaurants I have found in Grand Rapids that have been really helpful (in my experience) to catering to dietary restrictions.

  1. Terra – Terra prides themselves on cooking from the earth. They are a locally sourced farm-to-table restaurant. From handcrafted cocktails to sustainable seafood everything is pretty delicious. I really like it because everything the menu is clearly labeled gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian or vegan. Many restaurants do not do this, but it’s something I have grown to really appreciate. Personally, I love the Grapefruit salad and the Buffalo Cauliflower (without cheese). I really want to try the gluten free pizza crust! But, honestly Terra has so many options for people with dietary restrictions. It’s a must!! P.s. The “Terra” drink is SO great!!
  2. Osteria Rossa – So. Good. When I became gluten free I was so sad about not being able to eat regular pasta anymore. I love carbs!!! But, Osteria Rossa has the best gluten free pasta I have ever had!! Every time I have been there the staff has been helpful too! I highly recommend. Also, It’s not on the menu right now, but they have the best salmon (my mom and I got it when she came to visit and she even said it was the best she ever had..just saying!!). Also, they have gluten free pizza crust, but I have not tried it yet.
  3. City Built Brewing – The Tostones are one of my favorite things on this planet and im currently craving them right now. Their menu is influenced by Puerto Rico, so it has some really unique flavors and options! The first time I went with my family, we went back twice in one day lol! Their menu has so many gluten free options to choose from (and there labeled)! The tacos are amazing and so are the chips and salsa(s). My personal favorite is the Grandwich (upgrade to tostones on the side). Love this place!

Each of these places have delicious and flexible options for dietary restrictions. I feel really difficult and uncomfortable sometimes at restaurants when I order because of my restrictions. I really only recommend places that I genuinely like and keep going back too. I hope you enjoy them too!

Let me know if you try one out and what you get! XO

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