January Goals

January Goals

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Dear 2020, 

I know we just met but I just have a feeling you and I are going to accomplish amazing things this year!

XO – ME  

Dear 2020, 

I know we just met, but I just have a feeling you and I are going to accomplish amazing things this year!

XO – ME 

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Welcome to the roaring 20’s everyone (he-he)! I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday season. It’s time to take all your new energy, ideas, passions, and ambition and incorporate a few of them into your January goals. We are going to start this new decade off on the right foot. I think it is so important to dream, but it is even more important to put in the work yourself. It isn’t going to happen unless YOU make it happen. No one else is responsible for your dreams except for you. You can do this! I believe in you! If you haven’t done my monthly goals with me in the past, I truly hope it is something you incorporate into 2020. I promise it will help to drive your passion and motivate you each month. It will help your resolutions not to die off at the end of January – I know so many of us have experienced in the past, BUT not this year. 

Another topic I want to touch on before we jump in is that if at some point during the year you’re feeling unmotivated, that is okay. You aren’t going to be pushing 110% every single day, but when this happens, I encourage you to dig deep and figure out your WHY. Don’t avoid digging deep. I think this is something we often do. Are you feeling unmotivated because you are tired and you need a few days to recharge? Is it because that goal isn’t fulfilling you anymore? It is okay to change it. Is it because you went on vacation? It’s okay to enjoy your life around you and be in the moment. A fundamental rule is that you don’t have to wait until Monday to restart. You can re-adjust, re-set, re-focus at any point. Just do it! Stop making excuses. The secret to success is consistency (I truly believe this with all my being). 

Okay, now let’s set our three intentions and goals. 

I am going to set three words to live by this month. Write your three words and tape them in your car or on the coffee pot or your mirror – somewhere you see them every day. It is great to have a mindful reminder, especially with it being the new year. These three words can be anything you want to achieve, work on, remember to do, etc.

  1. Cultivate: I want to start my 2020 cultivating healthy relationships, good vibes, positive energy, optimism, and healthy habits. 
  2. Habit: I want to create new patterns by creating attainable lifestyle choices this month and balance.
  3. Intentional: I want to be intentional with my thoughts, actions, and words. I want to be deliberate with what I’m doing and bringing into my life. 

My goals for this month are:

  1. I want to make a conscious effort whenever I am complaining or thinking negatively to switch it into something positive. I want to try to re-wire my thought process and not complain so much. 
  2. Be on my phone less. I want to decrease my screen time. I have been thinking so much recently about how much more I could probably accomplish if I put the time I take staring at my phone and put it towards something else (unless it’s for the blog lol!). 
  3. I want to make progress in my career. I want to learn new things that will benefit my work-life. 

What are your goals for January? I hope you have the best start in 2020! 

“Don’t just wish for it, work for it.” XO 

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  1. Chelsea Best

    🙌I’m working towards the same goals the month!! Love this gf!

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