Life Expectations

Life Expectations

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I think this topic is very appropriate, especially around the holidays because the common questions when you see family and friends that you haven’t seen in awhile usually revolve around your personal life or career. Everyone gets questions like: “how is your job?” “What are you up to now?” “When do you graduate?” “Are you dating anyone yet?” “When will they propose?” etc. Everyone dreads it. It is the sinking feeling you get because a lot of the time, you feel your answer isn’t up to par, and your life is not where other people expect it to be. Read that again. YOUR life is not where OTHER people expect it to be. So, why do we care so much? It’s your life, not anybody else’s. We suffer through the expectations society has engrained into our brains. I don’t think it’s just society, though; I think its social media, movies, and comparison too. All of this causes us to second guess ourselves.

I think about this topic often. Mainly because I feel behind in my personal life right now. When we feel like we are behind in life, we feel embarrassed. I love this quote, “You need to destroy the idea that there’s an expectation to do things by a certain age. You don’t have to be married with kids at 25. It’s okay not to have your dream job at 30 or not to have graduated by 22. There are no rules in life. Life is neither a race nor a competition.” Everybody’s time table is entirely different. I think the expectation of doing things by certain times in our lives is overrated and old fashioned. None of us are behind or ahead if you think about it. There isn’t a mandatory schedule we all have to follow. It’s all made up! Everyone has different goals, needs, and dreams they want to fulfill. So really, what is on time? What is early? What is late? Who are you comparing your timeline too?

As long as you feel happy and fulfilled, do not let anyone put you down. Also, do not feel bad for yourself if you are not where you think you should be on your journey. Work your butt off, stay humble, and be kind. Everything meant for you will happen in its own time. Nothing meant for you will pass you by. Everybody has unexpected roadblocks, they hit potholes, they spin out and run out of gas too. Everyone’s journey is driving at a different pace. Some people take the scenic route, and others do not. But remember things could seem stuck for you right now, but in a few months or years or days, your journey is going to start to pick up speed while somebody else’s is stalling out. All I am saying by this is that truly no one is on the same path, and the high and lows of life happen for people at entirely different times. I’m sure everyone around the holidays asking you questions has gone through the same thing. So don’t let anyone make you feel embarrassed about your journey, especially around the holiday dinner table!

“Life is a journey to be experienced, not a problem to be solved” – Winnie the Pooh XO 

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