Life Mistakes

Life Mistakes

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Do you ever feel like your not giving 100% of your effort to certain parts of your life? And it’s not because you aren’t willing or don’t want to give energy in those areas – it might just feel like your sinking slowly, kind of like a submarine dipping deeper and deeper beneath the ocean. 

Lately, I have been struggling with feeling like I’m not doing well in all the aspects of my life, whether that be relationships, family time, career, working out, sleeping enough, even (for me) working on this blog and writing posts even though it is a passion of mine. It is difficult to find time for everything, not to take things personally or be hard to hard on yourself when you feel like you keep making mistakes.

That is my overall feeling, the feeling that I keep letting other people down or myself. Like I am being scattered in a lot of directions. Life is tough. It doesn’t come with a playbook, guidelines, or instructions. We each are just in charge of navigating the journey the best we can. Sometimes people’s feelings might get hurt along the way; relationships will ebb and flow, careers/jobs will change, specific tasks or people will take up more of our attention or honestly be more of a priority. Life may seem confusing (because it is lol), and at certain times we might feel totally and completely unbalanced. It’s times like this we have to remember we might feel like we are failing, but we are just trying our best. Making mistakes is proof that we are trying and learning. 

The best advice I can think of is always to use what you are going through to make you better. To grow, overcome, conquer, and become wiser!

“Don’t worry about the hard times, because most of the beautiful things we have in life come from the change and mistakes.” XO

P.s. Happy Halloween!!! Eat lots of candy!

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