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Negative Self – Talk

Negative self – talk is something I think we all struggle with sometimes (or every day). Negative self – talk is a downward spiral that seems too easy to do. Why do we talk so negatively about ourselves TO ourselves? It doesn’t make sense when you think about it. When it comes to negative self – talk.. don’t believe everything you think. We all have that little voice in our head, putting doubt and negativity where it doesn’t belong. I used to be the queen of negative self – talk (I still struggle, but I am a lot better than I used to be). One thing that helped me was something I vividly remember my therapist saying to me in one of my sessions. I was probably telling her something about how filled with self-doubt I was when she told me, “would you say that to a friend?” and I stopped talking and just stared at her. “What?” I said. She responded, “Everything you say to yourself, would you ever say it to one of your best friends? Would you ever tell your best friend she is going to fail, she isn’t beautiful, she isn’t good enough? So, then why are you saying it to yourself?”

I remember sitting there mind blown for a second lol. I responded, “No, I would never say any of those things.” She went on to say that if I wouldn’t say it to one of my friends, then I definitely shouldn’t be saying it to myself. So often, we want to put ourselves down for no reason. I don’t know why we have such little empathy for our personal feelings. I started to use that method, though. I would begin to catch myself being negative and ask myself would I say what I was telling myself to my best friend. The answer is always no.

Start pointing out what you love about yourself rather than hate. I think a good tip is if you start riding the negative self – talk train counter those thoughts with something you like about yourself or something your good at or something you are looking forward too etc. Negative self – talk increases stress, anxiety, and decreases self – confidence. Once you realize you don’t deserve what you’re telling yourself, your mindset will start to change. You will feel more positive. We hand out compliments to other people like they are candy. Start complimenting yourself! XO

“Your body hears everything your mind says.”

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