Hi everyone! It’s been a while..so how are you doing? But, really, how are you? 

Do you ever think it’s odd that we pretty much ask everyone we encounter throughout the day, “how are you?” and don’t even really wait for a reply? We just expect them to respond “good,” and then go about our day. We would probably be stunned if someone responded with more than a one-word answer to this question. I think it’s so important to challenge ourselves, myself included, to try to make at least one of these daily interactions more meaningful and see where it leads! 

Anyway, that was random (ha-ha)! But, since it’s already near the end of October, I totally missed the beginning of the month goal setting blog post. So, this will be more of a reflective approach. As always, time is flying by, and I continuously wonder will it ever slow down? Probably not, since I say it every single month. I think it is one of the most important things to take time to be reflective (i.e., journal, meditate, pray, etc.) and be in the moment (stop filling every single second of our lives with distractions – i.e., looking at our phones whenever we are alone). 

I have a lot of changes going on in my life lately. A few precious things I have learned recently are:

  1. Listen to yourself 
  2. Disconnect 
  3. Love yourself 
  4. Follow your path
  5. Support the people you love and surround yourself with good people 

Listen to yourself 

If you have followed along with this blog, you know I love gut health. I find it extremely interesting. One thing that I have learned recently is that our gut reacts before our brain. So, feeling nauseous, butterflies in your stomach, upset stomach, etc., your stomach is trying to tell you something. LISTEN TO YOUR GUT FEELINGS, because they are real. I have learned it is essential to do what you want (side note: I do there is a huge double standard with this, but that is a blog post for a different day) and listen to how you feel truly. It is okay to change, evolve, and to choose you. 


I love social media. I think it is a fantastic way to connect with others, connect with new people, and a revolutionary marketing tool for businesses. I use social media in my job daily. But, I have taken a step back from how I view/use my platforms, and I think it has made a world of difference with my stress and anxiety levels. I believe the magic formula is less screen time and to follow accounts that make you feel good. 

Love yourself 

This is a huge one. I still haven’t mastered it, but I think I am doing this in the way of food. I have recently made an effort to change my diet to a more plant-based lifestyle. I am not 100% vegan or vegetarian, but I am taking steps to incorporate a more plant-based lifestyle. I have noticed an improvement in how I feel about myself personally and my stomach health. I struggle with body image and people’s opinions daily, but I am proud of taking active steps. *Also, I think listening to your body is critical. 

Follow Your Own Path 

I was just talking to a few of my friends about this topic. I think it is important for your own health to be less judgmental of others. Like seriously, to each their own. The only way to happiness is to TRY not to worry about what other people think or listen to society’s expectations. How are someones else’s decisions about their love life or job they pick affecting you? 9/10 it probably doesn’t. 

Support and Good Friends

Support the people you love. Don’t let people in your life who don’t want the best for you. There is room for everyone. Your wins should be their wins too, and vice versa. If not, kindly excuse yourself from the table. 

I have lots of thoughts and inspiration coming your way! I took a long break, but I am back, baby (hehe)! 

“Do things that make you feel good. Mind, body, and soul.” XO

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