I have been taking some extra time throughout quarantine to work on my mental state. I have been trying to put an extra emphasis on mindfulness and meditation. One personality trait that I have is caring too much. I think it is important to care, especially about the people you love, but caring too much can be a burden because I believe it often turns into worry, overthinking and overanalyzing. I have been trying to work on not dwelling in my thoughts. 

If you are like me, I am going to share something that has helped me over the past few weeks. Do not dwell. Easier said than done, right? I learned in my guided meditation practices to think of your thought(s) and then let them go. Imagine a bubbling river. Leaves are floating down the river. Place your thought(s) on the leaves as they pass by and let them float away down the river. As they move past you, stop thinking about that thought. Let it go. Now, I imagine that river often, and it helps me. Remember, things are never as personal as they feel. 

Another analogy, if you don’t like the river, clouds. This is the same concept. Place your thought on the cloud as it floats by you. The cloud will keep floating farther and farther away. Let it go. I think this applies to any anxious thoughts you are feeling, if your feelings get hurt if someone says something rude to you if someone is acting unlike themselves, etc. Place the view or opinion on a cloud and let it float by. Ruminating over each thought isn’t going to make you feel any better or change anything. Remember this quote, “When someone is rude, remember it’s not about you. It’s a reflection of their inner state.” I love this quote. Many times people’s reactions are not a reflection of you. They could be just taking it out on you. I know I have done this in the past with my relationship. You take out what you are feeling on the person even though they have done nothing to deserve it (as humans, we tend to do this to people we care about). Disclaimer: I think this quote can come with a double standard because if the person continuously treats you poorly for no reason, then there is a problem. BUT, honestly, if you are an over-thinker, keeping this quote in the back of your head can be very helpful. Also, most of the time, what we make up in our heads is worse than what is actually happening. 

I hope this helps bring peace of mind! 

“Let nothing trouble you. All things are passing.” XO 

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