How do you choose to fuel your body?

I am fascinated by gut health. I think it is fascinating how eating a certain way can heal people from chronic illnesses, put a disease into remission and give people a chance to live longer.

As discussed in prior blog posts, my gut health journey has been frustrating and a long winding road. It has been about six years now of countless doctor appointments, specialist visits, rounds of antibiotics, hours researching (and worrying), supplements, holistic doctor visits, strict elimination diets, coupled with all of the unpleasant symptoms that go along with stomach issues (bloating, inflammation, weight gain – to name a few!).

But it’s time to try something new. Recently, I have started researching plant-based diets. It seems when you have stomach issues, people preach about elimination diets. I have posted about and followed a strict low – FODMAP diet off and on for about two years now, eliminating food irritants such as nuts, garlic, onion, gluten, dairy, legumes, nightshades, soy, eggs, etc. But, in recent research, I have discovered having a more diverse diet is actually the way to heal your gut microbiome. After diving deeper through online research, podcasts and discovering the Help Yourself cookbook by Lindsay Maitland Hunt in Women’s Health Magazine, I was convinced a more plant-based diet should be my next move.

I was intrigued by the Help Yourself cookbook by Lindsay Maitland Hunt for three reasons.

  1. Her personal story and struggles through gut health seem very closely related to my struggles and journey.
  2. Her cookbook prioritizes plant-based eating, but it is not 100% vegan or vegetarian, which I love (the book does have full vegan and vegetarian recipes though)! You can still eat seafood, meat, eggs, etc; you are just consuming them less and eating a much more diverse veggie diet.
  3. She healed her gut!!!

So, I have purchased the cookbook and decided I will cook my way through it (just like the movie and book Julie & Julia)!

My goal is to cook every single one of her recipes, change my lifestyle to mainly plant-based eating and heal my gut!

I am excited to share my journey, learn to cook (ha-ha), and become an even healthier (and happier) version of myself!

Let’s get started!

“If you don’t take care of your body, where are you going to live?” XO

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