Quarantine Anxiety

Quarantine Anxiety

If you struggle with anxiety or if quarantine has made you feel emotions you haven’t felt before – I am with you! My anxiety has come in waves throughout quarantine. It is not a fun feeling, so I thought I would gather some tips that have helped me in the past and some tips that I am trying to incorporate into my life right now. 

  1. Workout. I know it sucks with the gyms being closed, but so many influencers on Instagram are posting home workouts on their accounts or Youtube. Two of my favorites are Cristina Capron and Whitney Simmons. I will tag them in the post! Also, I know a lot of workout equipment is sold out, but just do your best! I have been trying to get 30 min of movement every day this month, whether that be a walk or home workout of some sort. 
  2. Journal what triggers your anxiety. You don’t have to write a long entry. It could be in the notes on your phone, a sticky note, in a notebook, but trying to figure out what could be the cause or maybe what you are doing when your anxiety worsens. It is beneficial and can help you notice patterns. I have seen my anxiety worsen from alcohol, eating foods that make me feel sluggish/bloated, not getting enough sleep (which sucks because I am not getting enough sleep because I am anxious lol), not being open about what’s on my mind (aka communication), fear of the unknown, etc. Try to get the root of some of the things you think that are making you feel worse. 
  3. As I mentioned, I have been struggling with sleep. This is new to me because usually, my anxiety doesn’t affect my sleep at all! I love my sleep lol! So, I feel like this is hitting me hard. Some of the things I am trying is melatonin, sleepy time tea (drink an hour before bed – I like the brand Celestial Seasonings), white noise or pink noise (yes, pink noise is a thing!), & reading before bed instead of being on my phone or watching Netflix/Hulu. None of these things have honestly been helping me sleep through the night lately (insert crying face), but they could help you because they have helped me in the past!
  4. Read a light-hearted book (or magazine). I love self-help books, but honestly, just reading a good romantic book with made-up characters has been calming for me! & a welcomed distraction. 
  5. Limit phone time. This is huge. I have been finding my phone very triggering lately. Put your phone down. 
  6. Eat well. I have struggled with constant hunger too, eating out of boredom, eating things not apart of my regular diet, etc. Eating well helps so much! “Eat well to feel well” – Robert Yang 
  7. Talk it out. Do not keep it all in! Confide in your bestie, girlfriend, boyfriend, sibling, mom, dad, grandparent, pet – anyone! It helps to get it off your chest! It might be hard, but trust me, you will feel better. 
  8. Take a deep breath. This is something I don’t do enough. Inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Do it twice (in a row), and I promise you will feel better. 
  9. Distract yourself from your thoughts for a little bit. Play a board game, write, read, cook, organize, take a warm shower, paint your nails, go on a run, learn something new, etc.
  10. Make a plan. It helps me to have structure. I have given myself a lot of time to relax during quarantine (which is funny because I feel exhausted from not sleeping lol), but it helps to write a to-do list some days or even time – block your day for things you want to accomplish. 
  11. Remember, all you can do is your best. Your best is going to look different depending on the day, and that is 10000% okay. 

I hope these tips help you if you are feeling a sense of anxiety or dealing with anxiety during this time! I am thinking of all of you and hope you are well! <3 XO

“Be gentle with yourself, you’re doing the best you can.”

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