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Hey hey! So, if any of you follow @jessiegirl_blog (I hope you do! linked on my blog) or follow my social media, you probably were bombarded with many pictures and videos of the ocean and sunshine over the past few days. I just got home from a family vacay and wanted to give you some details and background on one of my all-time favorite places: Sea Side, Florida. 

My blog is mainly about my love for GR (or at least I try to make it that way, I’m still growing and working on how to make my content better), but I thought, why not expand and share my travels as well! 

The trip I was just on has kind of become a mini family tradition. To give a little background, I have been visiting Alabama and Florida almost every year ever since I can remember. My family used to go to Gulf Shores, Alabama, nearly every year for spring break. My nana and papa started visiting Gulf Shores when my mom was a teenager. Gulf Shores holds a super special place in my heart, which is why it was so exciting when my brother accepted to the University of Alabama for medical school. As we got older, it was harder for my whole family to go to Gulf Shores all together. My brother began medical school three years ago. Ever since then, the weekend of September 22, we have been meeting my brother for a long weekend getaway in Florida. 1. B/c September 22 is my mamas birthday, and it’s so nice to be together. 2. It is a great time to visit my brother when we see him for a little bit in the summer and before the holidays. 

In the last two years, we have discovered a love for Rosemary, WaterColor, Grayton Beach, and Sea Side (I might have to do a post on each of these locations!). I’ll focus on Sea Side because that is where we mainly stayed on this trip (all of those places are super close together – you can walk to Grayton Beach and Water Color from Sea Side). 

Sea Side reminds me of a luxurious outdoor spa. It is the most relaxing, serene, and beautiful little place. It is a tiny community in the shape of a U with gorgeous beach homes, cute shops, and restaurants right on the Gulf of Mexico. It has an easy-breezy feeling with a fun boardwalk filled with little walk-up food stands and airstream food trucks. The beach has what my fam calls “sugar” sand, and the water is the perfect mixture of deep blue, seafoam green, and turquoise. Just the vibe of Sea Side is fantastic, carefree, and happy. 

Some of my fav things about Sea Side are:

  1. Everything is walkable or bikeable. You don’t need to get in your car after you arrive! Plus, it’s good exercise without it feeling forced.
  2. So many food options and great views. Vast choices for food restrictions from fresh fish from Bud and Alleys, sushi from Ji Shi, fish and shrimp tacos from the Taco Bar, Paleo donuts from 5 Daughters Bakery and delicious sorbet!
  3. The Farmers Market on Saturdays is to die for & Modicas fruity mimosas.
  4. The pool with the pink pool house.
  5. So many frosé options!!! 

I just had to share in case anyone is planning a vacation or is going to Florida soon. I want everyone to experience this place! Vacation is such a great way to reset for your mind and body to feel relaxed and rejuvenated. I feel like it makes us realize our blessings and puts into perspective how fun life is and not to stress so much!

“Travel: the only thing you buy that makes you richer.” XO

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