This is kinda a sensitive topic (for me), but lately I have been not feeling very good in my own skin. I could try to blame it on a lot of other things, but I know it all comes down to me and how the choices I have been making are impacting my body. I have been feeling irritated, sluggish, bloated, lethargic, kinda like a put on a few pounds, anxious etc. 

I have always struggled with how I feel in my skin. It comes and goes in severity. I fluctuate a lot and the food I choose to eat really impacts how I feel because I have a lot of stomach issues, as well as, food sensitivities. Lately, I have been feeling worse than I have in a while. I have noticed it impacting my mood, energy and like I stated earlier my anxiety. It is all I can think about. Also, I think because warmer weather is coming I feel the pressure to have my “summer body,” which just adds another of stress for me! I tend to be really hard on myself and have never understood how some girls can compliment themselves, which I know sounds crazy..because it is!!!! Everyone should be their own biggest hype man and not rely on others for validation! 🙂 Anyway..back to the topic lol! I know I have made poor food/drink choices and have been eating foods that do not agree with my body. I struggle with this a lot because sometimes I get bitter and think “if other people can eat this why can’t I?!” But, I need to reverse my mindset and think “why do I want to put something in my body that is going to make me feel like crap?” Also, this is why one of my goals for March was to cook more and make delicious food that is gluten free and dairy free, and FODMAP diet friendly (I talk about this in previous blog posts). 

I definitely need a re-focus on my health and to be honest with myself about the choices I have been making. It is crazy how much your gut health affects your overall health. They are very connected. BUT, also I want to touch on how you don’t need to live up to others expectations; from the magazines, media, instagram models, even your own friends or family. It is all about how YOU feel in your own skin! Give yourself grace and be kind to yourself. 

I love this quote: “Those 5 – 10 extra pounds, that’s your life. That’s your late night pizza with your man (or girl), that Sunday morning bottomless brunch, your favorite cupcake in the whole entire world because you wanted to treat yourself. Those 5 – 10 ponds are you favorite memories, your unforgettable trips, your celebrations of life. Those 5 – 10 ponds are your spontaneity, your freedom, your love.” 

Life is so hard already. You don’t need to beat yourself too. It is hard to do. We constantly pick out what we want to change about ourselves or harp on what we don’t like about ourselves. This quote always puts things back into persecutive for me. 

This being said..I also feel like if you aren’t feeling good about yourself you need to figure out a game plan. It honestly is the worst feeling. If it is affecting how you feel and function, ONLY you can make the change. It is all up to you! You set your personal boundaries, expectations and standards. I usually place blame, but it really is your choice what you put in your body and how you take care of it! Push yourself, because no one else is going to do it for you. Start by making little sustainable choices. Drinking more water, adding more veggies to your diet, going on a 30 min walk after dinner, drinking less etc. For me, going back to following the FODMAP diet. Don’t make it miserable and don’t go to the extremes. Extremes usually lead to binge eating or burn out (from my experience). I feel like we constantly tend to over complicate things when it comes to health. Just eat clean (most of the time), move your body and listen to your body! <3 Love yourself in every stage you are in! 

“You know who is going to give you everything? Yourself.” XO  

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