Do you ever get the Sunday scaries?! The weekend always slips by so fast, but I always try to use my Sundays wisely. Some Sundays are just unproductive lazy days spent snuggled up on the couch all day, or some spent out with friends and family having a fun brunch day, and some are super productive filled with errands, working out, cleaning, etc.! I’ve come to terms with all are healthy options and should be mixed in! I am going to share my tips on how I’ve made my Sundays work best for me to cause less anxiousness and stress for the upcoming week ahead!
I have figured out it doesn’t matter what I do during the day, as long as I am enjoying myself and listening to what my body needs. But, I make sure to always go to bed earlier than usual on Sunday to have a good fresh start to the week. So, for me, I try to be in bed around 9:30 pm. At least two hours before I go to bed, I make sure I have certain things completed to help me feel more zen (lol)! I write a to-do list of everything I want/need to accomplish for the upcoming week. I love the feeling of checking things off my to-do list. It eases my anxiety and makes me feel accomplished. I look at the week ahead for any upcoming appointments to remind myself and try to schedule my whole week in my planner roughly. Life happens, so things can always change, but this makes me feel in control and organized. I write down what days of the week I am going to work out. I wrote in a prior post; my goal is to work out at least 4x a week. This has been great for me mentally, emotionally, and physically. Also, I find it very sustainable. Anything over 4x is just a great bonus! But, I schedule my workouts.

I read a quote a few days that I loved that said, “Think of your workouts as an important meeting with yourself. Bosses don’t cancel.” I love this! I keep it in the back of my head, and it helps to motivate me. Next, I plan out my goals for the week. These are just little. If I ate poorly over the weekend (which seems to be a common trend I am trying to fix), I would focus on eating clean during the week. The goal could be anything! I usually pick 1 or 2 targets. Once I have my week planned out, then I pick out what I am going to wear to work. I have never been good at picking out outfits the night before, but it truly makes the mornings so much less stressful. Picking out an outfit can be such a waste of extra time in the morning! Always pick it out the night before! Also, I try to think about what I am going to bring for lunch! I’m not good at packing it the night before, but just having an idea helps me. Then, right before bed, if I am feeling extra anxious, I will read or look at motivational or religious quotes I have saved on Pinterest lol! It might sound silly, but it helps.
A few other tips I have found is that doing laundry on Thursday is the best! Your clothes are clean for the weekend, and you don’t have to stress about doing them on Sunday. Also, I recommend grocery shopping on Tuesday. But, this is just what works best for me! I think running errands on Sunday is so stressful. I hated always feeling like I had to get everything done on Sunday for the week ahead. It made Sunday almost feel like another day of work, and the grocery store or mall or wherever I feel like it is always SO busy on Sunday! I like running errands during the week is better because everything is so much calmer, and I feel like you get things done more quickly because you don’t want to run around late!

I hope you had an amazing weekend and happy Sunday Funday! XO 

“Organization isn’t about perfection. It’s about efficiency, reducing stress, saving time and money and improving your overall quality of life.”

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