Sunny Thoughts

Sunny Thoughts

Do you live somewhere cold (like Michigan) and the chilly weather is starting to bring you down?! I am blissfully dreaming of a warm place, sand in my toes and a margarita! <3 If you don’t have a warm vacation planned in the near future (like me), I am going to share a few tips that help me survive the wind, snow and ice! 

  1. Honestly, working out! Getting a sweat helps to warm you up and releases endorphins to boost your mood. It is obviously great all year, but definitely helps during the long winter months.
  2. This tip kinda goes with working out, but setting goals! I encourage you to set monthly goals. These keep you motivated, looking forward to future and are a challenge to direct your energy towards. 
  3. Having “things” to look forward too during week (not just on the weekends)! My roommate and I love to watch the Bachelor with some friends on Mondays! It makes Mondays a little bit better and it’s fun to have snacks and talk! Or, it could be going to a happy hour after work one night or trying a new coffee shop, seeing a movie, going ice skating etc. It can be anything! BUT, just planning an event or two throughout the week really helps!
  4. Getting a manicure or pedicure throughout the winter months is really great mood lifter! I love having my toes painted pretty in the winter it just feels good to pamper yourself a little! 
  5. Tea and lemon water help me survive. Warm lemon water in the morning wakes me up and feels nice on your throat! Tea during the day or at night warm you right up! It is fun to try new flavors too. 
  6. Tropical smelling soup and lotion! I don’t really like smelly things to be honest! But, having tropical shower soap, hand soap or lotion helps to transport you somewhere warm! 
  7. Reading mindfulness books and always writing down what you are thankful for (in the morning or before bed) is another big one (for all year round)! 
  8. Trying out cozy recipes or making fun winter drinks! Making a new chili recipe or a fun festive winter drink always is a good idea! 
  9. Making the most of winter events! If your city has fun winter events I encourage you to go! It will help you enjoy the season! We just went to an outdoor winter ice event that made us forget about the cold for a few minutes lol! 
  10. Spray tan or using self tanner! Doing this occasionally can help you feel like you almost just got home from vacation and seriously it helps lift my mood! 
  11. Honestly, a warm shower or bath & then some really awesome pj’s and slippers! 🙂 

Hope these ideas/tips help you warm up a little! 

“Stay close to people who make you feel like sunlight.” XO 

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