For the past month, I have tried a hot yoga studio called Yoga Fever in Grand Rapids. I wanted to share my thoughts because I have enjoyed my experience there. I used to do yoga classes in high school with my mom, and we also had an at-home 15-minute yoga DVD we always used to do in the mornings together (lol). Throughout college, I always wanted to implement yoga into my regular workout routine, but would only ever do classes very sporadically. I love how yoga makes me feel and, in particular, have grown to like Yoga Fever.

Yoga has impressive health benefits. To name a few: it improves balance, builds muscle, increases mindfulness, releases tension, improves digestion, boosts your immune system, reduces inflammation.. and does so many other beneficial things for our bodies and minds. I usually am always stressed, tense, or anxious about something, and I have noticed yoga helps me control that. I suffer from tension headaches and am always super tight in my neck and shoulders.

I look forward to yoga so much during the day. Yoga helps to ease my mind. Also, it has helped with my flexibility (I am the most inflexible person ever!).

My favorite class at Yoga Fever is the Slow Flow class. I love how calming it is, but I still feel like it is a good workout. At Yoga Fever, they usually start their classes by asking you to set an intention for the practice and to let go of anything weighing you down. I love setting an intention because, for one hour, I don’t think about anything else but that specific thought. It is a super freeing feeling not to feel stressed about anything going on in my personal life and to focus on breathing deeply. I would recommend Yoga Fever to anyone who wants to try yoga or who is experienced. Also, I know they are expanding into a multi-studio that will feature Cycle, Barre, HIIT, and Sculpt classes in addition to yoga, which is pretty exciting!

“Every emotion is connected with the breath. If you changed the breath, change the rhythm, you can change the emotion.” XO

P.S. I hope to share more experiences like this with you!

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