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Fooooood foood food! It’s time for more of my favorite places! 

Fruition: Fruition us one of my favs, especially during the summer. It has a bright and fresh atmosphere and is the perfect place to catch up with a friend. I love their acai bowls (seriously, I crave one always)! My favorite is the Fruition bowl! The best part is they have gluten-free granola. The acai bowls are piled high with goodness and are guaranteed to make any day brighter – in my opinion! 

Parsely: I love Parsley as a to-go option. I love Mediterranean food, and I’m happy. I finally found an option to satisfy my cravings in Grand Rapids. I love the fattoush salad (w/o pita chips) and a side of chicken. I like a warm and cold combo on my salads, so the warm chicken is perfect (and they give you so much)! Their lemon vinaigrette is so good. This is a quick, cheap, and healthy option. Plus, the salad is big enough to keep you satisfied for hours.

Rise Bakery: YUM! All of Rise Bakery items are vegan, gluten, and soy-free. Everything they make is so beyond good. They have so many goodies I want to try! I have the biggest sweet tooth, and Rise is just too good. I love love love cookies. Their chocolate chip cookies are to die for (also their peanut butter and oatmeal are fantastic)! They make cookies sandwiches too, which are my weakness! They just opened a store, but a lot of their treats can be found at Bridge Street Market (obsessed with this grocery store. I may do a separate blog post for it). They have way more treats than I listed. You have to check them out!

Little Bird: Little Bird staff has always been super friendly to me with my dietary restrictions. They have some great options if you ask! They are best known for their breakfast (their bacon is fantastic)! My favorite thing though, is their Chop salad with chicken. It is so much better than it sounds. Also, they have a cool drink menu. 

Rockwell Republic: Rockwell has an electronic tablet menu with everything labeled gluten-free, but they also have a paper menu with just vegan and gluten-free options. It’s super helpful! I love their sushi rolls and the Thai Lettuce tacos. This is one of my favorite restaurants in GR. 

I hope you enjoy it! XO 

“You can’t live a full life on an empty stomach.”

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