The Five Minute Journal

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I want to talk about The Five Minute Journal by Intelligent Change. The Five Minute Journal has been integral to my morning routine for nearly two years.

What is The Five Minute Journal?  

The Five Minute Journal is a tool designed to help anyone foster a positive mindset. What I love about it is that it’s a simple way to inject meaning, gratitude, and reflection into your day.

The journal has a clean and efficient format, with prompts encouraging individuals to write for just a few minutes each day.

What are the benefits?

The journal has a prompted section you complete in the morning and a prompted section you meet before bed.  

  • Increased Gratitude: One of the Five Minute Journal’s core components is listing three things you’re grateful for in the morning. This habit can help you focus on the positive aspects of your life and cultivate a greater sense of gratitude. Expressing gratitude can/will spill over into your personal life.
  • Positive Mindset: By prompting you to write down affirmations, the journal can help you shift your mindset toward a more optimistic outlook. I look at the affirmations section as a place for manifestation as well. 
  • Improved Self-Awareness: The journal encourages self-reflection by asking you to consider what would make today great and what you can do to make it so. This promotes self-awareness and helps you set clear daily intentions.
  • Consistency: The format of the Five Minute Journal is designed to be quick and easy, making it more likely that you’ll stick with the habit of journaling daily. Like all things in the wellness world, consistency is critical. I love the simplicity of The Five Minute Journal. It is what has helped me incorporate it into my everyday life. 
  • Reduced Stress: Doing something you know is good for your mind helps reduce anxiety and stress. 
  • Enhanced Well-Being: I have noticed that journaling with The Five Minute Journal can contribute to an overall sense of purpose, increased optimism, and improved mental health. 
  • Record of Progress: By consistently journaling, you record your personal growth and commitment to yourself. It allows you to recognize you can keep a promise to YOU and execute it. This record can serve as a source of motivation and reflection.
  • Mindfulness: The journal encourages mindfulness by prompting you to reflect on the day’s positive experiences and what you’ve learned from challenges. The nighttime reflection helps me the most. I tend to focus on the negative and be hard on myself. One of the prompts for the end of the day is “Highlights of the Day.” There are three spaces. This simple prompt allows me to end the day on a lighter note and often realize the day wasn’t that bad.

Isn’t it wild what you can achieve in five minutes!? 

Do something for you. xo 

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